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My Car Payment Is Too High, What Can I Do?

My Car Payment Is Too High, What Can I Do?

Have you taken out a bad credit auto loan and can’t keep up with its monthly payment? Don’t worry! There is always a way out. If you end up meeting all the requirements for refinancing, you may qualify for a loan with better loan terms and a lower interest rate. If your car payment is too high and wondering what you can do about it. Read this blog to know how to lower your monthly car payment.

Refinancing your auto loan 

The first and foremost condition of refinancing is to wait for some time to pass. You have two options to choose from; refinance with your current lender or find a new lender. 

If you end up getting approved for refinancing, you can refinance through two options:

  • Get a loan with a lower interest rate. 

If you took out a car loan with bad credit, you get a loan with high-interest rates. Therefore, it will be hard to stay caught up with monthly payments. However, if your current credit score is good enough, you can qualify for a lower interest rate loan. In this way, you can lower your monthly payments and thus save a hefty sum of money over the lifetime of your auto loan. It is such a win-win situation that you shouldn’t miss it at all!

  • Stretch out the loan’s term

If you couldn’t improve your credit score or didn’t qualify for your desired interest rate, you can extend your loan’s term. It means that you will be paying for additional amounts, so each month’s payment will increase. Stretching out the loan does work great for reducing the monthly payments, but you will be paying additional interest charges on the car loan. 

Both above options greatly help reduce the monthly payments but make sure to choose the one that fits your current situation the most. 

The right time to refinance a car loan

When is the right time to refinance my bad credit auto loan? Generally, it depends on you, the vehicle, and finding the right lender. There are some perfect moments when you should consider refinancing, but there are some worst moments to refinance as well. As mentioned earlier, it is better to refinance when your credit scores improve, your financial situation gets better, and some time has passed. The reason is that you will get great deals by choosing the right time. 

Now, let’s take a look into the worst times/situations to refinance your auto loan. First up, we have rushed with refinancing. Don’t rush to refinance within a year since you took out the original car loan because your lender is less likely to accept you for refinancing. Because there is a lack of payment history and thus, the lender cannot evaluate your credibility. Lenders also have high requirements for the age and mileage of the car. Based on these and your loan balance amount, lenders decide whether you qualify or not. 

There are chances that on having negative equity in your vehicle, the lender will turn you down and refuse to refinance. That is why you should make sure your car’s market value is more than what you owe and make sure to cover all the extra expenses before refinancing to avoid difficulties. 

The bottom line 

Timing matters the most when considering refinancing. Consider discussing problems that you face while paying for your monthly car payment because your lender may offer you a loan with a better interest rate. But if you can’t refinance your auto loan, make sure that you don’t miss any monthly payments and give a budget-friendly payment. 

If you are looking for reliable lenders to work with, consider CarLoanRefinancing as your close partner. We have worked with thousands of dealerships that are present throughout the U.S. 

You can fill out our cost-free auto loan request form to start refinancing right away. 

How to Refinance a Car Loan With Bad Credit

How to Refinance a Car Loan With Bad Credit

If you wish to refinance your bad credit car loan, you must know that two things are a must when doing so. Firstly, you must be patient and have enough time on your hands. And secondly, you must show improvement in your credit score. Lenders usually wait for a year after you take out the original loan, but you should try your absolute best to improve your credit score as much as possible. If you have already met these requirements, you can refinance right away. Follow the given steps and get your bad credit auto loan refinanced. 

How to refinance a car loan with a bad credit 

In order to refinance your car loan, you have to check your credit score and get assured that there is an improvement since you last took out the original auto loan. You can get your credits to report by your bank, credit provider, or credit union, but there is an alternate way as well. You can get your FICO credit reports online by paying only a small fee. 

If you consider your credit improvement enough for refinancing, contact your current lender and see what they have to offer. If they are willing to refinance your loan, you can continue working with them and if not, start looking for a new lender. 

When searching for good rates and terms for the auto loan, make sure to limit the inquiries to a 14-day time frame. The reason is that it will reduce any impact on your credit score and keep it well-balanced. This step of refinancing is called the “rate shopping window”, and when you request inquiries on the same loan, it is considered a single hard inquiry. 

Is refinancing the right choice for you? 

Sometimes, due to unfortunate circumstances, you can no longer afford to pay your original loan. In this case, if you wish to keep your vehicle but want to reform the loan terms, you should take refinancing as your first option. Refinancing means replacing your original car loan with a new loan that has a better interest rate or/and a longer loan term. For refinancing, you can either choose to stay with your current lender or find a different one. It’s totally up to you. 

Refinancing is the right choice for you if you aim to lower your monthly payments and save money. Here are two ways to refinance your bad credit auto loan: 

  • Extending your loan term

 If you opt for this option, you will pay your monthly car payments for a longer time. It is why you should be cautious before refinancing your loan this way. This option surely helps lower your monthly payments, but you will end up paying more money than the original loan because of the added interest charges. 

  • Qualifying for a loan with a lower interest rate 

If you succeed in improving your credit score, you will qualify for a loan with a low-interest rate. It means that you will save a hefty sum of money throughout the lifetime of your loan. 

If you find any of these options workable for yourself, then refinancing may be the best for you. However, if you don’t see yourself benefitting from the options mentioned above, or want to purchase a new vehicle, consider finding yourself a subprime lender who deals with credit-challenged individuals and presents good offers. 

Get the car loan you need with CarLoanRefinancing. 

If you find yourself unfit for refinancing, or if it isn’t the best option for you, consider trading in your vehicle with something that is relatively more budget-friendly. 

Is finding the right lender difficult for you? At CarLoanRefinancing, you can find reliable dealerships throughout the nation. We have all the resources to deal with bad credit auto loans. Besides, we can also help you trade in your vehicle when necessary. 

Refinancing with us is simple. You have to fill out our cost-free auto loan request form and get started on refinancing right away! 

How to refinance a car online

How to Refinance a Car Online?

If your financial situation doesn’t allow you to pay the monthly payments of your bad credit auto loan, it would be a great idea to consider refinancing your loan. This way, you will lower your monthly payments and result in utmost convenience. However, refinancing your auto loan will require you to pay additional costs, such as title transfer fees and prepayment penalties. But, you will be able to cover these extra charges by using the money you will save through refinancing. Read this blog further to know how to refinance a car online.

How do I refinance a car loan?

If you choose to refinance your original auto loan, your new lender will be responsible for paying off your remaining balance. In addition, the new lender will also create a new loan for you, but with a lower and affordable interest rate. 

Before refinancing your loan, make sure to thoroughly go over your new loan’s terms and see whether it covers every aspect like the previous auto loan. Mainly, see if the reduced monthly payments cover the insurance costs or not. If you find any errors in the new loan’s term, you should immediately reach out to your new lender and discuss it with them. Furthermore, if there is only an insignificant difference between the monthly payment of the refinanced loan and the original loan, the refinancing is not worth it. 

What are the requirements for refinancing a car loan?

In addition to having a good credit score, you must also meet other requirements. Every lender has varying requirements for refinancing, but here are some of the basic requirements that are a must in order to refinance your car loan: 

  • Vehicle’s age and mileage:

Lenders like to refinance cars with less than 100 000 miles on the odometer and less than ten years old. 

  • Must be current on payments:

If you wish to refinance, you must be current with your monthly payments.

  • No negative equity allowed:

Before considering refinancing, make sure that your car’s worth is more than the loan balance. And if not, you will have negative equity in your vehicle, and you will get rejected for refinancing. 

  •  A year should have passed:

It’s another requirement that at least a year should have passed since you initially took out your auto loan. 

How to refinance a car online? 

One of the quickest methods to refinance your auto loan is by applying online. Refinancing online increases your chances of obtaining loans with very low-interest rates. In addition, you can also apply to several lenders together. 

Online lenders will quickly send a response to your request. And most of the time, they will reply to your request within 24 hours. Then you can choose the loan whose terms suit you the best. Pick the one that offers the lowest interest rate, as it will help you save a hefty sum of money throughout your loan’s lifetime. 

In this way, you can refinance online while saving time and without frustration. You may even find a better deal online than in real life! Before choosing to refinance online, make sure to search about reliable websites and then continue with the refinancing process. 

Here are the steps you will be following when refinancing online: 

  1. Find a reliable online lender/platform to refinance through.
  2. Fill out the refinancing application.
  3. Go through your offer and suggest any changes (if any). 
  4. Provide you lender the required documents, which may include (your ID, proof of income, financial history, proof of residence, and your vehicle’s information). 
  5. And lastly, e-sign your refinancing contract after re-reading the terms. 

Note:  Before refinancing, make sure your credit score is good enough. And if not, you should wait for a year or two to improve your credit score and then apply for refinancing. 

Requirements to refinance auto loan

Requirements to Refinance Auto Loan

Do you wish to refinance your current auto loan? Are you unsure about the needed requirements? Besides having a good credit score, you must fulfill five other essential requirements to refinance auto loan. We have explained each of them in detail.

What are the requirements to refinance auto loan?

Auto loan refinancing means replacing your current car loan with a new one, having a better interest rate, or/and having a longer loan term. Keep in mind that you take out a new loan for the previous vehicle. Typically, lenders require you to wait for a year or two before refinancing your auto loan, as it allows them to judge your credibility. 

You can contact your current lender to refinance, or you can find a new lender. Indifferent to what option you choose, you must meet all the requirements to refinance. Refinancing is not just for everyone. The whole process demands a ton of patience, documentations, credibility, and passion. 

Here are the five requirements that every lender demands:

  •  Being current with your payments 

The lender will disapprove of you for refinancing if you are not current with your monthly car payments. You have to pay your original auto loan payments on time every month so that your refinancing lender gets an idea about your credibility and qualifies you for refinancing. 

  • Should not have negative equity in the vehicle.

You must ensure that your car is worth more than the balance you owe on the auto loan. If the amount is in negative figures, you are upside down, meaning you have negative equity in your car. It is a highly undesirable thing, and there is no way that any lender will approve you for refinancing. 

  • Your vehicle must qualify the lender’s requirements.

Lenders are specific when it comes to a vehicle. They have set requirements and require vehicles to meet them in order to refinance. Most of the requirements are set around the vehicle’s age and mileage. If your car has too many miles on the odometer or is too old, the lender will turn you down.

  • Your loan balance falls within the lender’s limit.

Lenders also have a maximum and minimum limit for the loan balance. If you have too much/little loan balance to pay off, the lender may disqualify you from refinancing. 

  • The car’s title must be clean. 

Before refinancing, you must ensure that your vehicle is free from branded titles, like salvage or rebuilt. Besides, your vehicle mustn’t be a commercial vehicle. 

How can I refinance with a bad credit score?

If you failed in improving your credit score after taking out the initial loan, you might be wondering whether it is possible for me to refinance or not. In some cases, you can, but in others, you can’t. Some lenders may approve you for refinancing while having a bad credit score, but you shouldn’t make a mistake by relying on them. However, some lenders will straight up reject you based on your credit score. 

Don’t lose hope! The good news is that you can perfect your credit score by putting in some effort. If you keep up with your monthly payments, you will see a significant improvement. Keep this good habit, and after a few years, you can refinance right away!

Are you looking for a lender to refinance? 

Are you looking for a way to lower your monthly car payments? We, CarLoanRefinancing, have a network of reliable dealerships across the U.S. They have all the resources to help credit-challenged individuals and suggest workable options. 

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How Does Car Refinancing Work?

How Does Car Refinancing Work?

Generally, people decide to refinance to reduce monthly payments in their minds. You can save cash in two ways through refinancing: by getting a loan with a low-interest rate or by stretching out the loan term. However, your ability to qualify for a good refinancing offer depends on many factors including, your credit score, vehicle, and current car loan. Wondering how does car refinancing work? In this blog, You’ll find the factors necessary for qualifying for auto loan refinancing.

Auto refinancing process

Refinancing means replacing your current car loan with a new one with a better interest rate or an extended term. In this case, the vehicle remains the same, but the lender may or may not be changed. Before refinancing starts, you have to contact your current lender and see whether they are available for refinancing or not. However, most people choose to refinance with a new lender. We can help you find a new reliable lender, and you can compare and search loan offers online.

To qualify, you must have to meet the lender’s requirements. Every lender has a varying set of requirements, but the first one remains unchanged everywhere. It is to have a good credit score. Honestly, the whole refinancing process revolves around your credit score. If you have pulled out the original car loan on very bad credit but have improved since then, you will have the chance to refinance.

Besides your credit score, the factors that determine whether you will be able to refinance or not are your vehicle’s age and mileage. Lastly, your loan balance must fall within the lender’s maximum and minimum limit to get qualified for auto loan refinancing.

The eligibility criteria vary depending on lenders and your state. Here are some other factors that the lenders take into account:

·        You must be caught up with your loan

You must be paying the monthly car payments on time, as it will help you qualify for refinancing

·        Your car must have equity

Having negative equity means that your vehicle is worth less than what you owe on loan. You will have to wait for equity to refinance your car.

·        Refinancing fleet vehicles are not permitted

You can only refinance vehicles that are used for personal errands only. Therefore, you can’t refinance vehicles that are used for business.

Lower your monthly payments with refinancing

Keeping in view the goal to lower monthly payments, you can follow these two methods to do so through refinancing:

· By finding a loan with a lower interest rate

· By extending the loan term

There are two options, but only one of them really saves money.

The first method, refinancing with a loan with a lower interest rate, helps a lot. It serves a double function and allows you to save money from the monthly payments and the overall auto loan as well. However, when you decide on extending your loan term, you end up paying additional interest charges for every extra month. Stretching out the loan period does help with the monthly payments, but it isn’t effective for saving up from the entire loan.

Refinancing allows you to return back to make large payments once you become financially stable. And you can also change the amount of interest you have paid when it becomes possible.


Since we have explained how the refinancing process goes, you must know your available options. Start looking for a suitable lender and loan offer and save cash from your monthly payments. However, if you think that refinancing is not the best option for you, consider trading in your car with something more cost-friendly.

CarLoanRefinancing is connected with hundreds of dealerships spread throughout the nation. We will provide you with the best refinancing resources and guidance that is unparalleled to whatever is in the market. We also try to make refinancing workable for credit-challenged people.

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Pros and Cons of Refinancing An Auto Loan

Pros and Cons of Refinancing An Auto Loan

Refinancing means taking out a new loan to replace your original auto loan. The refinance loan has better loan terms with a lower interest rate when compared to the previous one, so you can save money. You must meet some credit requirements to get qualified for refinancing. It is to have a good or improved credit score. However, be cautious when refinancing because there are some drawbacks as well. Here are some pros and cons of refinancing an auto loan.

Save money by refinancing your auto loan. 

When you choose to refinance, you draw a new car loan. Typically, it is done through a new lender, but you can also reach out to your old lender to learn what they can offer you. Along with the credit requirements, your car also needs to meet some demands. The lender gets to decide who qualifies for refinancing by evaluating your credit score and the vehicle’s condition. The lender chooses based on these categories: Age, mileage, and equity limitations. 

Borrowers intend to refinance in order to save money from the monthly payments. Here are the two ways through which you can do so:

  • Stretch out the loan term 

It is not the ideal way, but it surely helps to lower the monthly payments. However, there is no way you can save money over the lifetime of the loan this way. Because if you pay for a longer time on the same interest rate, it will cost you even more than the original loan plan. Therefore, this way is excellent for providing a short-term solution for lowering your monthly payments.

  • Get a loan with a lower interest rate.

The best way to lower your monthly payments and save money overall is by qualifying for a loan with a lower interest rate. It will allow you to save a decent amount of money overall, and you will be able to pay off the lender earlier than expected. 

With CarLoanRefinancing, you can get connected with trusted partners and refinance. You can also check the available offers for refinancing that are the best for you. 

Cons of refinancing an Auto Loan

It is no doubt that refinancing is a good thing that has helped many lower monthly payments and save a hefty sum of money. But it may not be the right choice to make in every situation. Just because you have the option to refinance to a longer-term loan and lower your monthly payments doesn’t mean that it is a must and the right thing to do. 

No objection that you will have to pay a smaller amount of money each month, but eventually, you will end up paying many extra interest charges. It is highly undesirable, and it will ruin your budget entirely. Other than this, refinancing may also result in having negative equity, which means that you will owe more than your car’s actual worth is. 

Before refinancing, it is essential to learn how refinancing works and what outcomes you will be facing in the future. Be aware that you might end up having a loss if you don’t choose the options carefully. Consider talking to your lender and discuss the road you are planning to take. As a lender, they will guide you sincerely and provide honest, practical, and perfect solutions. Talk about your concerns and seek advice. 

The bottom line 

Auto loan refinancing aims to lower monthly payments and save money. You can do so by two methods: extending the loan or lowering the interest rate. If you are facing credit challenges, we will be glad to provide a lending hand at CarLoanRefinanicng

We are interconnected with thousands of national dealerships that work throughout the nation. We have all the resources available to help credit-challenged people, so don’t worry. You can get an auto loan with a bad credit score. 

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Can I Refinance a Used Car Loan?

Can I Refinance a Used Car Loan?

Did you take out an auto loan on a used car with a bad car? And now you are searching for a way to refinance a used car loan at a lower interest rate to save money? It is possible if you consider refinancing the loan. However, this option is only available if you and your vehicle meet the lender’s requirements and end up qualifying for the loan. 

Refinancing requirements for your vehicle 

Not every car is fit for refinancing and thus ends up getting rejected by refinancing lenders. It makes sense to be concerned when you end up taking a loan for a used car. What are the refinancing requirements

Every lender specifies varying requirements, but these three requirements are the same everywhere and must be fulfilled, or you will lose your refinancing chance:

·        Your loan can’t be upside down. 

 To refinance, you must have equity in your vehicle. Having equity means that the cash value of your car is worth more or equal to your loan balance. If it is less than your loan balance, you have negative equity, and it is called being upside down in the loan. Because of this, you will not be able to refinance right away.

  • Your vehicle must meet the age and mileage requirements.

The age and mileage limit for a vehicle varies depending on the auto loan refinancing lenders and their preferences. However, cars with an age older than 20 years and mileage over 100 000 miles have a very slim chance to qualify for refinancing.  

  • Other requirements for the vehicle 

The lenders are most likely to reject cars that are used for commercial/business names. Therefore, if your car carries a salvage or has a rebuilt title, it will get disqualified for refinancing.  

Refinancing requirements you need to meet

Now that you are aware of the requirements demanded by your vehicle. Let’s focus on what improvements you need to qualify for auto loan refinancing. The borrower must also pass for refinancing. And for this purpose, there are a set of demands that need fulfillment. 

Most of the time, you cannot refinance right away after taking out the original auto loan. You must continue paying payments for the loan for a year and wait. In this time, you prepare your credit score for refinancing and take care of things that need attention. Here are the requirements that a lender looks in a borrower: 

  • You must have an improving credit score.

This requirement is one of the essential ones. The lender will turn you away if your credit score hasn’t improved a bit since you last took out the car loan. It is rare to get accepted for refinancing when having a bad credit score. But don’t rely on this option at all. 

  • You have to be current with your payments.

As a borrower, you must show responsibility and pay the monthly payments right on time. Or else it may threaten your chance to qualify for refinancing. 

  • Your loan amount must fit in the lender’s range. 

It is another considerable demand by the lender. Your old loan balance must fall within the lender’s maximum and minimum range. Lenders have set a varying limit, so you don’t have to worry about that. 

Tip by CarLoanRefinancing:

If your credit score didn’t show significant improvement since you took out the loan and you want to lower monthly payments, then consider refinancing your loan to extend the term. As explained above, lenders don’t accept a borrower with bad credit for refinancing, but some may show some leniency and consider you. Showing consistency in monthly payments also increases your acceptance rate. 

The bottom line 

By rate shopping, you can see if it’s worth refinancing a used vehicle or not. Every lender has different varying sets of demands and offers. 

For this purpose, CarLoanRefinancing started giving a helping hand to people who are new to refinancing. We have partnerships with various dealerships across the nation, who provide offers to credit-challenged individuals. 

Complete our fee-free auto loan request form to get connected with us. And we’ll help you find a suitable lender for refinancing. 

Steps To Refinance A Car Loan

5 Steps To Refinance A Car Loan

Do you wish to improve your credit score? It is a fact that paying off a bad credit auto loan helps, and you will be left with an improved credit score. Do you also desire to lower your monthly payments? Well, then there is only a single way to do so, refinancing. Here, we have guided you on all the preparations you will be making and how to qualify for auto loan refinancing.  

Steps To Refinance A Car Loan

The first and foremost step is to make sure that at least a year has passed since you took out the car loan. Lenders get impressed when they see you keeping up with your monthly payments. It gives them an idea about your credibility and that you are serious about completing the loan in a timely manner. In addition to timely payments, you must also have an improved credit score. Usually, it takes a year or more to build your credit score, mainly depending on what the starting point was. 

After utilizing a year to better your credit score, you should be ready to take the next step and consider refinancing. In order to refinance, you must follow the given steps in order: 

1.     Take a look at your credit.

Before reaching out to a lender, you must know about your credit score and what’s inside your credit reports. In case your credit union, bank, or credit card provider doesn’t give you an option to check your FICO credit score, then check your auto-enhanced FICO credit score online for free. Through this option, you also get a free copy of your credit reports every 12 months, through the top three major credit-related bureaus, including Equifax, TransUnion, and Experian. After getting the credit reports, check every detail thoroughly, and in the case of any error, contact the bureaus right away. 

2.     Find out the current interest rates. 

The government-owned Federal Reserve is responsible for setting bank interest rates. The lenders also set their rates on it, but it may fluctuate a little. Before refinancing, check out what are the current rates in the market and decide accordingly. It will help you cooperate even if the rates are higher than what you expected. 

3.     Collect vehicle and loan information 

It is necessary for you to know your car. It means that you must have an idea about the vehicle’s identification number (VIN), model, year, age, mileage, and other details. You can check your car’s worth by using evaluation tools online. In addition to this, you must know your current loan, meaning its interest rate, length, monthly payment amount, and the loan’s term. 

4.     Request a payoff quote 

Once you become satisfied with your credit score and have enough information on current interest rates, consider requesting a 10-day payoff quote from your original loan’s lender. The payoff consists of a prepayment penalty and additional interest charges. Then, you should find the difference between your car’s value and the payoff amount. If the figure happens to be more than the car’s value, then you have negative equity. To refinance the auto loan, you must pay off negative equity. 

5.     Shop around 

After completing all of the steps given above, start rate shopping. It is the best means to find the right lender offering the best deal. Consider reaching out to your current lender before finding another lender because they may have a better offer for you. Every lender has different requirements, so you must fit in those to further initiate the refinancing process. Usually, lenders reject vehicles older than ten years or have a mileage above 100 000 miles. 

Can’t figure out the last step? 

If you have gone through every step, but can’t find the right place to refinance, consider us. We, CarLoanRefinancing, are connected with many lenders nationwide. We also have all the resources to handle unique credit problems. 

Fill out our cost-free online auto request form, and we will reach out to you right away!

refinance a car loan with bad credit and late payments

Can you Refinance a Car Loan With Bad Credit and Late Payments?

Wondering how to refinance a car loan with bad credit and late payments? If you want to get accepted for car loan refinancing, you must ensure that at least one year has passed since you took out the original car loan. In addition, you also need to show improvement in your credit score, as it will show your credibility before the lender. In order to have a good credit score, you must pay all the monthly car payments on time. If you have missed any, it will show on your credit and further deteriorate it. Due to this, you will face complications when qualifying for auto loan refinancing. 

Qualification criteria for car loan refinancing 

As previously mentioned, it is necessary to wait for a year so that your credit score shows improvement. It is a part of the refinancing process, and it does so much more than you can imagine. Refinancing means taking out a new loan to replace your original car loan with a new one. Mostly, the refinanced loan has better terms and interest rates. In order to qualify, you must meet the lender’s requirements, which are as follows:

  • Be current on your monthly loan payments.
  • Have equity in the vehicle (it mustn’t be negative equity).
  • Make sure that the vehicle’s age and mileage meet the lender’s demands. 

Are you confused about where and how to refinance? There is no need to be. First, you should reach out to your current lender and see if they have anything to offer you. If they don’t, go rate shopping because it is the best way to find the most suitable rate for yourself. You can also compare the offers and rates and choose what may seem ideal to you. 

How To Refinance a Car Loan With Bad Credit and Late Payments? 

Now that you are aware of the requirements for refinancing, you should also know what benefits it has. The most significant and only benefit of refinancing is that it helps lower your monthly car payments and thus saves money from the overall loan. 

There are two ways by which you can refinance your auto loan: 

·        Find a loan with a lower interest rate 

It is the ideal way to refinance your auto loan as it serves benefits that others can’t. Through it, you don’t only succeed in lowering the monthly payments, but you also save a hefty sum of money from the overall loan. 

  • Extend the loan term 

This way proves to be beneficial if you are only aiming to lower your monthly car payments. It helps you get through any temporary financial struggle by making each month’s payment budget-friendly. However, you end up paying more than the actual loan amount because of the increased monthly payments.

The bottom line 

Borrowers have reported that bad credit auto loans turn out to be highly costly and stress-causing because of the high-interest rates on such loans. However, you should keep your chin up and try your absolute best to make payments on time. This way, you will be able to better your credit score swiftly. After a year or two with this consistent routine, you will find that your credit score is good enough to refinance the car loan with a loan with low interest and save money. 

At CarLoanRefinancing, we are readily available to lend a helping hand. If you are facing any complications in refinancing, we will guide you step-by-step. Besides, we can also help you meet a dealership that has the perfect resources to fill your needs. We work with thousands of dealers that are scattered throughout the U.S, which makes access convenient. 

To get the process started, fill out our cost-free auto loan request form and get started on the refinancing.  

4 Factors Affecting Car Loan Interest Rates

4 Factors Affecting Car Loan Interest Rates

The factors affecting your car loan interest rate are very similar to what influences your annual percentage rate when drawing out a loan. If you end up with a loan with high interest, you can lower it by refinancing the auto loan. In this way, you can save up from your monthly car payments. 

Factors affecting car loan interest rate

A number of factors influence the interest rate of your car loan when you decide to refinance. We have handpicked a few common ones:

·        Loan term 

In most cases, the loan term decides what interest rate you will end up getting. It is the time for how long you will be paying the monthly payments. The shorter the loan term is, the lower is the loan interest rate. 

  • Credit score

The second major factor that influences the potential interest rate is your credit score. If you have a good credit score, you are most likely to get a loan with a lower interest rate. You can increase your credit score by paying all the monthly payments on time. It will positively affect your payment history as well and leave a good impression on the new lender. 

  • Car’s condition 

Vital aspects of the car, including age, mileage, and equity, determine the interest rate. Interest rates are higher on cars that are older than the new ones. The same goes for the vehicles that have traveled more miles. Besides, you should also find out how much your vehicle is worth and the amount you owe. You will not be able to refinance if you have negative equity.

  • The overall market rate 

Other than the factors mentioned above, interest rates also fluctuate at the federal government level due to the Federal Reserve. Besides, each lender has set varying interest rates through its refinancing programs. It is why it’s beneficial to apply to several lenders and choose the one that suits you the best. 

FAQs about refinancing a car 

What is the qualification criterion for refinancing? 

To get accepted for refinancing, you have to fit in the following set of requirements: 

  • Have a good credit score 
  • Have equity in your vehicle 
  • Your loan amount must fall into the lender’s limit 
  • The car’s mileage and age must follow the lender’s requirements
  • You must be paying the current loan actively

How do I refinance with a bad credit score?

There is no way to refinance while having bad credit. It is because a good credit score is one of the requirements for refinancing. However, you can refinance if you took the original on bad credit BUT have improved since then. 

If lenders see a consistent improvement in your credit score and the potential to pay off the balance, they may consider you for refinancing. 

Do I have to pay a refinancing fee? 

If you decide to change your lender, you’ll have to pay a title transfer fee and a state re-registration fee as well, conditional to where you live. There are slim chances that your current lender may charge you a pre-payment penalty. 


People who choose to refinance have the sole motive to lower their monthly car payments. It is also the perfect way to get a loan with a low-interest rate. We have explained the factors that are essential for qualifying for refinancing. In addition, we have also laid out a guide about aspects that determine your interest rate on loans. 

An alternative option to refinancing is trading in your with something more affordable. With CarLoanRefinancing, you can refinance and trade-in through reliable dealerships throughout the nation. 

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